Dear Club member,
It is with great regret that I have to confirm that the rumour circulating regarding the demise of the IBM clubs, is true. IBM has announced that it will cease supporting the club in the UK (except Hursley Clubhouse) from the end of June 2022. Therefore, the London West club will close and we will not create any activities beyond those already planned.
If you have booked tickets for shows or outings, please don’t be concerned; they will be honoured. If you have any questions regarding bookings, please contact the respective activity organiser, or shows coordinator, Paul Welstead at
I’d finally like to thank the committee and office holders, past and present, for all the work they’ve done on behalf of the club over many, many years. It has been an enormous honour and privilege to act as Chair over the recent history and feel very sad that I’ll be the one to see its closure.  
Brendan McGuire
Acting Chair, IBM Club London West.  
You can find Chair’s report, Treasurer’s report and a copy of 2021 accounts, from the recent AGM, on the website. AGM 2021

Updated: 01/06/22

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