Royal Ascot, Saturday 22 June 2019

Windsor Enclosure Tickets

IBM Club Member's* Price £25.00

Non-Club Members Price £45.00

* The IBM Club Member prices are available to the IBM Club Member AND their spouse/partner OR one other accompanied adult guest.  If additional places are available then up to two non-members can attend at the Non-Club member price.

Windsor Enclosure

It is here where the roar of the crowd begins in earnest as the horses race past on their way down the final straight. Located two furlongs from the Winning Post, with a less formal atmosphere, the Windsor Enclosure provides an excellent view of the Royal Procession and racing action.  Guests can enjoy betting facilities, artisan food stalls, Champagne and Pimm’s bars as well as picnics on the lawn. Racegoers are welcome to bring their own picnics and drinks, as long as they abide by our Picnic Policy. Live music plays into the early evening.


Should you wish to bring any children, there will be a charge for those aged 10-17 years attending in the Windsor Enclosure, Village Enclosure and Queen Anne Enclosure. All proceeds from children's tickets will go to Ascot's Annual Charitable Giving. 
Windsor Enclosure - £10 per child
Tickets can only be purchased on the day from one of the Ticket Offices. Please note, an adult is required to accompany the child (or children), and show their own ticket as proof of attendance. 
Identification maybe requested to verify the child's age.

To request a place(s) for this event please complete the “Reservation Request” form below. Once your request has been submitted and when we know for sure that the event will be going ahead we will send you a confirmation email with details of how to make payment for the event.  

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and reservation requests will be confirmed by email, no later than 28 February. In the meantime, contact the event organiser, Darshan Kent (  if you have any questions about the event.

Tickets ordered and confirmed by the club constitute a commitment to buy on your part. Payment should be made within 5 DAYS of receiving our confirmation please, which will include details of how to pay, either by bank transfer or by cheque.

Reservation request form for Royal Ascot 2019 event



1) IBM Club accepts no responsibility for your participation in this event.

2) Club Members are IBMers, Spouses/Partners or a nominated Guest (in lieu of Spouse/Partner) and Children under 18.

3) Participant places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

4) A request for places represents an agreement on your part to purchase places if available. The Club cannot accept any responsibility for changes to your own requirements and all places ordered for must be paid for, whether used or not.


When you click on the SUBMIT button below a confirmation submission message will appear, in place of the Reservation Request Form, on the page you've been viewing. Once all requests have been received the organiser for this event will send you a confirmation email at which time you are asked to make payment for your places within 5 working days, either by bank transfer or cheque, as per the details in the confirmation email. If payment is not received within 5 working days we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and offer the places to other interested parties.

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