Bletchley Park, Sunday 29th May
We are pleased to offer a club supported trip on Sunday 29th May, to Bletchley Park, iconic home of the intelligence deciphering teams during WWII.
Our trip includes entry to the park, a private guided tour and lunch voucher for soup and sandwich (to value of £10).

IBM Club member prices: £17.00, Child (12 - 17): £14.00
Non-member prices: £32.50 / £27.50

* These prices are available to registered IBM Club Members (member + spouse or nominated guest + members children under the age of 18 as long as they accompanied by the IBM Club Member).  

Bletchley Park was one of the best-kept secrets of WWII, much of which did not become common knowledge until many years after the end of the war. Glamourised by movies such as The Imitation Game and Enigma, and novels, The Rose Code, you can find out the true stories of what happened behind closed doors and what was essentially the birth of modern computing.
Step back in time to experience the stories of the extraordinary men and women who worked here; Immersive films, interactive displays, exhibitions set within beautifully restored historic buildings and faithfully recreated WW2 rooms will guide visitors on a journey to discover the past. A brand new permanent exhibition The Intelligence Factory will open at the end of April 2022.

This brand new, permanent exhibition for 2022 explores how Bletchley Park’s potential as an intelligence organisation was unleashed in the second half of World War Two. From 1942, the multiskilled workforce rapidly expanded to almost 9,000 people working around the clock. The exhibition throws visitors into the action at the peak of Bletchley Park’s operations, from tracking positions of Allied and enemy vessels to handling vast quantities of information, and recruiting, feeding and housing thousands of staff.

A permanent exhibition, presenting the vital impact intelligence produced at Bletchley Park had on the invasion plans. This dramatic audio-visual experience in the newly restored Teleprinter Building opened in 2019 to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.


A permanent exhibition which tells the story of the Bombe machines in the actual location that housed the machines which broke Enigma. Includes a working model of a Bombe machine.

The club price is £17, a saving of almost 50%. 

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