Richmond Uncovered
A guided walk with Elaine Wein
9 October 2021 - 11am from Richmond Station
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IBM Club Members* £25, non-members £50

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One of London’s most attractive boroughs, Richmond has long been a favourite retreat for Royalty and the rich and famous. On our walk we will learn about the history of Richmond Theatre, see where Virginia Woolf lodged with Belgian refugees and later the home of Hogarth Press, fabulous Georgian Terraces built for the King’s mistresses and Henry VII’s Palace.  We continue to the river, passing an 18th century villa and historic pubs and learn how a cake recipe was so valuable it was locked in a box in Richmond Palace. Finally, we will hear about Richmond’s own “People’s Champion” and one of the Victorian’s theatre famous Shakespearean actors.

Meeting Point: 11:00 AM at Richmond Station.  The walk will finish at Richmond

* These prices are available to registered IBM Club Members (member + spouse or nominated guest + members children under the age of 18 as long as they accompanied by the IBM Club Member). If places are available then non-members will be permitted to attend but ONLY at the stated Non member (Normal) prices.

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