The Sailing and Windsurfing section has its base at Queen Mary Sailing Club in Staines, just 5 minutes drive from IBM Bedfont.  Queen Mary offers an exceptional sailing area raised above the surrounding land and nearly a mile across.  This provides lots of space for learning, blasting or racing and with very consistent wind for quality sailing.  IBM has its own dinghies and windsurfers that qualified members can take out as they wish.  Those learning will be given assistance to choose courses and develop their skills by sailing with more experienced members.  If you have your own boat or board, you can also keep it and sail it at Queen Mary, subject to dinghy park space being available.

In addition the Sailing and Windsurfing Sections offers:

Members Days every second Saturday from April through November.  Come along and sail in a friendly group
Introduction to Dinghy Sailing or Windsurfing  half day sessions to give you a taster.  
Subsidised Basic Training at Queen Mary Sailing Club – discount off list price on all courses
Subsidised Advanced Training at Queen Mary Sailing Club –  discount off list price on most courses 
Subsidised Kids Activities and Summer Fun Weeks run by Queen Mary Sailing Club – also at a discounted price 

and  members get the use of our kit at Queen Mary Sailing ClubXenons and Laser Dinghies and Range of Windsurf boards.

Membership is incredible value at £40 for crews and £65 for helms.  Complete and return the form (attached below) and make your payment to get started.  The membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March.  You need to be a member to be insured.

N.B. "Helms":  Those people signed-off to helm the Dinghies or Boards;  "Crews":  Beginners sailing with experienced helms or learning to windsurf.

For information on all this and more, read the FAQs below or contact one of the committee by clicking on their name.

See you on the water soon!

The IBM Club London West Sailing Section Committee

Video clip of the Queen Mary Sailing Club Sailing Day 
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Membership form for the IBM Club London West Dinghy Sailing & Windsurfing subsection
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Rigging Instructions for the Xenon
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Rigging Instructions for the Laser
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