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To be a member of the IBM Club London West Sailing Section, you must be a member of the IBM Club in the UK. For further details of how to join the IBM Club, click on the following link => JOIN THE IBM CLUB

Sailing subsection Terms and Conditions of membership

  • You MUST be an IBM Club member
  • You MUST agree to abide by the rules of the IBM Club and with those of QMSC. 
  • You MUST report any damage to IBM Club equipment to Duncan Bond 
  • Insurance on IBM Club boats is invalid unless the boat is under the control of an IBM Club London West Sailing Section member, who is also an authorised helm for the type of boat. 
  • You MUST not sail in an IBM boat without an authorised helm on board.
  • You and your family MUST have your own Third Party Liability insurance, to a minimum of £3,000,000, to sail your own dinghies or boards at QMSC under the IBM membership. 
  • Your family membership year will end 31st March 2022 at which time IBM insurance cover will also cease.

If you would like to join the IBM Club London West Sailing Section please complete the form below. 

IBM London West Sailing subsection Membership application form

Please register me as a family member of the Queen Mary Sailing Club (QMSC) for dinghy sailing. I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the subsection and the rules of the IBM Club and with those of QMSC. I am a member of the IBM Club.

If you want to helm one of the IBM dinghies at QMSC, you are required to have RYA level 2 training or have equivalent sailing experience and be added to the list of authorised users by the sailing section committee. Annual membership for IBM dinghy helms or those sailing their own boats or boards at QMSC costs £10. Membership for crews and those learning costs £10.

I have RYA Level 2 and would like to be added to the list of authorised dinghy helms:

I would like to pass my e-mail address to QMSC to learn of their events and offers:

When you click on the Submit button you will see a short confirmatory message pop up. Do NOT resubmit your application. You will receive an email confirmation and details of how to make payment once your membership application has been processed.

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