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   NOTE: with the current situation re Covid-19 we are not taking any new bookings and suspect most shows at least to the end of April will be cancelled (some theatres have already said they will stay closed until end 30th June). We will update this page as soon as we have more information. As we receive guidance for any show that is currently booked we will let you know.

We have drafted some FAQ's relating to Shows, so please read these before emailing the taskid, thank you:

Q1:  I have paid the IBM Club London West for tickets for a show that is not running on the scheduled date.  What action do I need to take?
A1:  For the moment, please just wait.  We know which the affected shows are (see list below) and we will update the list when we have further information from our ticket agent on your options.  These will either be to move to a new date or dates if offered or to receive a refund.

Q2:  If I elect for a refund for a show that is either not re-scheduled or only to dates I cannot make, when will I be paid back?
A2:  We will issue refunds to members as soon as the Club has received either a refund or a credit note the Club can re-use. We will not be issuing members with individual credit notes.

Q3:  If I still want to see the show but the offered date or dates are not ones I can make, can the IBM Club make this booking for me using the money I have paid and at the subsidised rate?
A3:  The IBM Club can only book seats on the dates offered by the agent, and we are hoping in each case there will be several date options.  However if none of these suit you then we will request a refund will be paid as A2 above.  You can then book directly for a date that suits you.  In this situation you will need to pay the rate offered by the theatre and unfortunately we cannot subsidise your ticket purchase.

Q4:  I am planning to leave IBM / retire before the shows I have booked are likely to be rerun, can I have a refund now?
A4:  Since as noted above, refunds will only be offered once the Club has received a refund or credit note, make sure you send your new contact email to  so you receive news on rescheduled dates, refunds offered and can let us know what you decide to do.  If we are unable to contact previous members and we receive a refund for a show they have booked, we will make a refund to the bank account used by them for the payment.  So if you are changing bank accounts, please let us know.

SHOWS IMPACTED (to the end of June, awaiting update on shows after that date - see Calendar page for full details)
17/03: Phantom of the Opera (new date 29/09)
27/03: Milton: Impossible (now cancelled)
09/04: Uncle Vanya (cancelled)
16/04: Magic Goes Wrong (new date 10/12)
30/04: Pretty Woman (new date 28/10)
05/05: The Visit (cancelled)
12/05: The Doctor (poss. new date, awaiting update)
22/05: A Bunch of Amateurs (cancelled)
16/06: To Kill A Mockingbird (awaiting update)
30/06: Evita (cancelled)

This is a list of the shows/events currently in the diary still open for booking - but please don't try to reserve anything at this time - thank you.

10/09/20 - Life of Pi
  19/09/20 - Busman's Honeymoon
29/10/20 - Good

  Click on the show name for more info.

  To see all the plays/musicals etc., we have done/planned for this year, click here=> Calendar


REQUESTING TICKETS - To request tickets for any of the shows below send an email to IBMCLUBLONDONWEST@GMAIL.COM 
ADDRESSES - Please remember to let me know if you change address as tickets are distributed to the address we have on file, thank you.
SHOWS FEEDBACK: Feel free to send me reviews and/or feedback about the shows and events you attend, I will present it here => FEEDBACK


Thank you for the great feedback on Hamilton (see the link above if you want to read it)

I have 2 spare tickets (Face Val: £52.50, Club: £29.50) for Magic Goes Wrong, at the Vaudeville Theatre, rescheduled to 10th December. Email me now!

101 Dalmations - at the Open Air Theatre, Regents Park - has been moved to 5th June, 2021.


Pillowman - I did get this, but have cancelled, hoping to reschedule.
The Visit - I did get this, but have cancelled, hoping to reschedule.
Small Island

UPDATES: For new shows I will show the seats I have been allocated at time of reservation, but please note these could change if I have to add more, or at the time I make payment.

Note: On some events where tickets maybe limited and we are over subscribed we will instigate a ballot for the tickets. 

Note: We may have to set a cut-off in which we only proceed if we sell 6 or more tickets for any show.

We tried a "Red Package" offering at an Ambassador theatre for Mary Stuart, which gave access to a lounge for pre-theatre drink & nibbles (included) and for use at the interval. This was well received, so I will be looking to do it again.

IBM Club London West - Terms & Conditions

  1. IBM Club Member prices are available to IBMers and IBM Retirees who are current members of the IBM Club AND their Spouse/Partner or a nominated Guest (in lieu of Spouse/Partner) AND members Children under 18 years of age.  
  2. Members participate in events at their own risk. The IBM Club accepts no responsibility for your participation in any event.
  3. Requests for places on/tickets for events will be allocated on a first come first served basis, with the exception of limited supply events in which case we may operate a ballot.
  4. Places/tickets ordered and confirmed on your behalf by the IBM Club represent a commitment on your part to purchase the places/tickets if available. If you find that, after confirmation of places/tickets you are unavoidably unable to participate in an event, the IBM Club will do its best to offer your places/tickets to other interested parties but refunds are NOT guaranteed should the places/tickets remain unused.
  5. All places/tickets ordered must be paid for within 5 days of confirmation. If payment is not received within 5 working days the IBM Club reserve the right to cancel your reservation request and offer the places/tickets to other interested parties.
  6. Bank Transfer (BACS) is the preferred method of payment for places/tickets for events and details will be sent out with confirmation. Alternatively, cheques should be made payable to the “IBM CLUB LONDON WEST” with a description of the event on the reverse. If a cheque payment “bounces” you become liable for any bank charges levied on the IBM Club in addition to the full event payment.
  7. For ticketed events, tickets will be sent to the address provided by you. Please advise the IBM Club if you haven’t received your tickets 10 days prior to the event.
  8. Neither IBM nor the IBM Club are responsible for tickets that may get lost in the mail. 

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