If you've ever attended one of our events you'll value the benefits that IBM Club membership brings to you and as I'm sure you'll appreciate, events don't just magically happen, they are carefully coordinated by members of the IBM Club London West Committee and that's where you could come in! As an employee or retiree member I wonder if you'd consider volunteering to join the Committee.  

As an IBM employee we would ask you to attend our 6 online committee calls a year to provide insight into the company and advice and guidance on what sort of events will appeal to current employees.  If you can organise an event even better.

As a retiree you may have more time to assist with event organisation.  We have pro forma planning and communication materials to make this easy and fun to do and an experienced committee member will work alongside you as needed.

Once used to how the committee runs there is the option of taking on the officer roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. 

If you are interested in helping to keep the Club running smoothly then send an email to ibmclublondonwest@gmail.com and the appropriate Committee member will get in touch with you.

Regards, Brendan McGuire
Chairperson, IBM Club London West.
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